The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI)  is an independently funded, non-profit organization whose mission includes the prevention and ending of homelessness in the seven county, Metro Denver Region by facilitating, integrating and tracking cooperative, community-wide and regional systems of care for people who have become homeless, but seek to live in a stable home and maximize self-sufficiency.

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2014 NOFA Final Ranking Approved by MDHI Board (Posted 10.28):

Download (PDF, 194KB)


2014 MDHI NOFA Review protocols (Posted 09.25)

Renewal Scoring Tool (Updated 10.08.14)


Application: MDHI Renewal RFP (Posted 09.24)

Application Attachments (Posted 09.25):

1. 2014 CoC NOFA Renewal RFP–Attachment A (Project Budget)

2. MDHI CoC NOFA Renewal Application–Attachment B

3. Most recent APR (to be uploaded by applicant)

4. HUD Threshold Cerftification


Documents from 9/23 applicant meeting:

2014 CoC NOFA Timeline (UPDATED 10.03.14)

Applicant Meeting Power Point (Posted 09.24)

Request for Letter of Intent for New Applications (No longer accepting per MDHI timeline)


Other Documents: