Long term volunteer role? Drop in opportunity?
Flexible options to put your skills and passions to best use.**Volunteer roles can be structured as academic internships, provide program requirements to apply.

Data Reporting – Assist efforts to gather and distribute information about homelessness and services in the Metro Denver region.

Participate in Data Committee meetings, generate infographics, and assist MDHI’s Data Coordinator with other tasks as needed.

Social Media – Implement strategic communication plan for social media channels.

Prepare images and messages to be distributed through media channels.

Photography & Film – Document stakeholder processes and community events.

Document meetings/events to be published in MDHI’s newsletter, on its website, and in other community documents.

Web Development – Refine our web site, bolster our communications.

CSS templates, plugin compatibility support, new posts, refined tools, etc.

IT Assistance – Help the laptops play nicely with the server and the printer.

Software updates, compatibility evaluation, troubleshooting, shared contacts, et. al.

Administrative – Light office work between 9 and 5 to increase MDHI’s capacity.

Proofread and format documents, produce materials for board proceedings, stakeholder meetings, perform data entry, etc.

Point-in-Time –  AUGUST through MARCH Aid the regional Point-in-Time count efforts, PIT is a national effort to count the number of individuals experiencing homelessness during the last 10 days of January.
Participate in all PIT planning meetings, implement group decisions, gather and distribute communications details.