Thank you for your support of the 2017 Point-in-Time Survey!

The Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI), in collaboration with agencies and volunteers across the Metropolitan Denver region, will conduct the annual national Point-in-Time survey. This survey generates a “snapshot” of the individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in our communities.

The purpose of the national Point-in-Time is to count the number of homeless individuals on one day of the year and to educate citizens about the presence of homelessness within their own communities. Community, faith-based, and local government organizations use the information collected from the Point-in-Time study to identify the trends and service needs of the homeless population in the metro Denver region.

MDHI has recruited volunteers to work alongside service providers to conduct interviews with homeless individuals and families in emergency shelters, human service organizations, parks, riverbeds, and other places where persons experiencing homelessness congregate.

Point-in-Time Trainings

Training Presentation

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