Coordinated Assessment (CAHPS)

What is the Community Design Team?

The Community Design Team is our local 25 Cities work group, it meets weekly to develop the regional Coordinated

Assessment and Housing Placement System (CAHPS).

What is the 25 Cities Initiative?

The 25 US communities with the highest reported incidences of homelessness are expanding on their existing efforts to create coordinated assessment and entry systems for access to homeless services.
The goal is to lay a foundation for ending all homelessness, including homelessness among Veterans, in these communities.


1. Build and strengthen elements of Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement (CAHPS)
2. Strengthen and integrate data systems
3. Integrate efforts on homelessness more seamlessly into broader community efforts

What is a Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement System (CAHPS)?

CAHPS is a system that enables a community to accomplish the following in a coordinated fashion:

(a)  Assess and identify the housing and support needs of all individuals experiencing homelessness;

(b)  Target outreach and housing navigation for those who are most disabled, most in need and have been homeless the longest;

(c)  Match the right level service and/or housing intervention to these individuals as quickly and efficiently as possible, while being respectful of client choice and of local providers.

One of the key objectives of this effort is to strengthen and/or build a system that enables these three processes. The system will know everyone by name, and enable the community to rapidly match those with greatest need to housing and services, ultimately accelerating housing placement rates. The system will ensure that those experiencing homelessness do not languish on multiple waiting lists, navigate a confusing maze of bureaucracy, or only get help on “first come, first served” basis.

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